Black Mountain: when Whisky meets Armagnac


I had the chance to pay a quick visit to the Black Mountain Whisky guys earlier this week (not sure if that makes up for the Scottish trip I had planned last weekend and sadly had to postpone but hey… ) far deep into the Gers region (Southwest France for those who may not be very familiar with French geography ;)), for a morning warehouse …

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5 whiskies made from unusual grain


When it comes to whisky production, all-mighty Barley is often king in its castle, while corn, rye & wheat come as its usual vassals, but did you know that whisk(e)y could actually be made from other cereals? As I often like to remind you, we’re living some really exciting times for the industry, a craft golden age where innovation/experimentation now lies at the forefront of …

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Drams & Dishes: 9 Wintery Whisky and Food pairings


You’re probably already familiar with the trendy concept of Hygge (and if you’re not, Google is a helpful friend) – now let’s say you’re all wrapped up in your fake fur blanket by the fireplace, some expensive ginger-bread scented candles lit up in the room & your purring cat sleeping next to you, there’s still something missing to turn this cosy quality time into a …

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Rock your Christmas dinner with those Whisky & Food pairings


After fixing your pre-dinner Christmas drinks in this previous article, let’s have a look at what’s on the actual menu! Here are 5 whisky & food pairing inspirations for the festive season, from starters, main course to dessert (If I were you – but you’re probably lucky I’m not – I would even skip the boring after-dinner coffee & replace it with yet another dram. …

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3 of the weirdest whisky by-products


Are you still trying to find inspiration for some last minute Christmas gift? Want to offer a whisky-related gift to your malt maniac friend but he already has 164987 bottles you’re not sure which one to pick? Why not look out of the box for other boozy options with a funny/weird/WTF twist? Here are 3 ideas for you! Scotch infused Toothpicks (What the actual f***?!) …

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What Alternatives to Glencairn Whisky Glasses?


It is with no doubt the complex and rich aroma in whisky that makes the spirit so charming. . One of the secrets of tasting the complex flavors is in the glass you use and while the composition of the spirit doesn’t change, the size and shape of the glass DOES influence how we perceive the aroma and texture.  . #ShapeMatters . My go-to glass …

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3 Collaboration whiskies that seriously rock!


You may or may not know it but I’m a huge fan of music and yeap, I’m also an unrepentant metalhead. Actually, one of my biggest regrets in life has always been not to be able to play any kind of instrument (no, the flute in high school doesn’t count, and I was pretty bad at it…) or sing in tune. When I first heard …

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You Will Soon Be Able to Drink Whisky From Bordeaux


Moon Harbour is meant to inaugurate its distillery in June 2017 – just in time for world-famous wine & spirits fair Vinexpo – Born in the South-west and having pursued my college education in Bordeaux, I was more than curious to find out more about this French whisky adventure! The Moon Harbour project was born out of a friendship between two men, both passionate about the …

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My 3 Favourite Whisky Subscription Boxes


You all know this happy feeling when checking your mailbox and see that there’s a package waiting for you, it just feels like Christmas every time, even knowing that you actually paid for it… But who cares? The pleasure of unpacking this surprise parcel is already thrilling (oh come on guys, I’m not the only materialistic one around here, right?)! Whisky boxes can also be …

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Whisky Fashion: 5 malted items to rock your closet


While the Fashion Week season is currently in full swing, it’s time to show off your craziest malted accessories and try to make it onto aspiring photographers’ Street Style Facebook/Flickr albums sneak into this trendy designer you never heard about’s show. Anyway, here are some ideas to rock your closet and make it to the whisky catwalk! Finlay & Co x Glenmorangie glasses In a first …

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