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I wrote a whisky book !


You’ve probably seen the news on social media already, but here it is : I wrote a whisky book and it’s going out TODAY ! #ImSoExcitedAndIJustCantHideIt

Since the announce, I’ve received a lot of questions so I thought I would answer all of them in this article.

Why adding yet another book to the whisky-litterature crowded shelves ?

First things first, yes there are loooads of whisky books down there already (many of them only in English though) so the question is understandable ! The thing is, I receive so many messages asking me for my personal recommendations (“Hey there, I love Kilchoman Machir Bay, what would you recommend I try next ?”), my opinion on this or that bottling, reviews etc. that I thought it could be interesting to compile a list of my personally-selected 200 references, staying true to myself by mostly listing affordable, tasty, great value for money whiskies ! 

I’ve read a lot of whisky books, but always have this feeling that there’s an empty space remaining between the “not enough” and the “too much” when it comes to whisky litterature. Books that could either put off the novice or keep the enlightened amateurs away. I wanted to close this gap with a book that would both list great classics, innovative drams, historical giant distilleries as well as the more modern crafty ones, from all over the world.

I also see this book as a kind of “road map” on your whisky discovery journey, not only you’ll find a selection of whiskies, but each bottling presented guides you towards other drams that you could enjoy if you like this particular dram! For instance, if you know you’re a Laphroaig Quarter Cask or Glenfarclas 105 enthusiast, you’ll have a list of new expressions to discover, which can sometimes bring you to more exotic countries 😉

Along with this selection of 200 whiskies, I also wanted to answer your most-asked questions : “what do you think about whisky investment ?” “where can I find rare bottlings?” “is this Lidl whisky the best in the world really?” … I’ve selected YOUR questions to answer them in an easy-to-read format ! Of course, you know me, I’ve also added some “whisky myths debunked” stories (hello hello “girly whiskies” and such), “back to basics” whisky knowledge bits and pieces, and many industry fun facts !

I’ve of course decided to embrace a modern approach on some aspects :  no Scotch regional classification for instance, because that is sooo 20th Century (also pairing whisky & food around a good brunch rather than chocolate x).

Some bottlings were also the perfect occasion to discuss hot topics such as NAS, cask finishing, the relation between beer & whisky etc.

To sum up, no Shakespearean tasting notes, no 11568787-page distillation process schemas or annoying tasting rules (you’re grown-ups! ;)) – this book is snob-free, bullshit-free but full of passion !

How long did it take to come up with this book ?

From the initial discussion with the editor/publishing house (Larousse) to printing, it took around a year ! Hence why I was a bit more quiet around here this last year 😉

Will it get updated ?

If the book sells yes x). I wish to add some exciting new bottlings to this list, I’m already frustrated with all the amazing drams released in those past weeks that I couldn’t include… But hopefully I still got this blog to tell you all about them 😀 [And if you still don’t follow me on Instagram (@thewhiskylady), you should, because that’s where I am most of the time ;)]

Why the name “La Passion du Whisky” ?

Because “passion” is my supreme guide 😀 Everything, every project, that I have been working on so far is guided by my passion for the amber nectar, a passion that I strongly want to share via all means possible : my blog was the first step, my whisky bar was the second (The Hopscotch Pub & Brewery), Toulouse Whisky Festival was a third move and now this book is another milestone on my whisky mission !

I think passion is best enjoyed when it’s shared.

Will there be an English version ?

I hope so ! #FingersCrossed

This book is only French material for the moment (released through a French publishing house – Larousse) BUT if it sells (obviously), I’ll be able to discuss a potential English translation so that each and everyone of you can enjoy it. Of course, it’s my ultimate goal and I’ll fight to make it happen !

Where to get it ?

The book is available from today (October 2), physically in 4 countries : France, Belgium, Switzerland & Canada. You can find it in libraries but also online (worldwide) on the usual platforms !

Here are some links (nevermind the Amazon title, it’s not been updated yet…) :






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For more information or if you want to stock it :