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Tasting the World’s First AI-generated Whisky


Inside the Teeling Whiskey Distillery (Dublin)


Second malted stop of my recent Irish trip, Teeling Whiskey in Dublin (Liberties) ! It was probably my most-awaited visit of this whole trip (if you’ve been wandering around this blog for a long time, you know I have a soft spot for their liquid creations…) and the distillery didn’t disappoint !


What I particularly enjoy with Teeling is their cool vibe and spirit of innovation, and it really shows everywhere you look inside the distillery.

Again, not here to tell you all the details of my tour (#SpoilerFree), but here are the lovely drams I had the chance to discover (or rediscover) :

–> Teeling Distillery Exclusive – Chinkapin Oak finish : a type of oak I had honestly never heard of before so that’s a +1 for the discovery.

–> Teeling 24 (World Whisky Awards “best in the world” winner 2019). A killer dram, the WWA judges really didn’t go wrong on this one ! If you can find it, I urge you to try it. The texture, complexity and balance is just on fleek !

–> Teeling Revival V – the fifth iteration of their famous Revival range (finished in Cognac & brandy casks), which I had already tasted before, and enjoyed (already listed here in a “favourites” article before), and my opinion hasn’t changed, it’s a stunner !

–> Teeling Single Pot Still : it was my very first time trying out Teeling ACTUAL whiskey, distilled at the distillery (which was created in 2015, so as you can imagine, the juice is still quite young and you need to take that into account) and I must say it’s very promising, of course, the youth shows, especially on the nose, but it remains very much easy-drinking, flavourful and full of promises for the future ! Good job ! #ThumbsUp


Pssst! Extra Tip – I’m not a coffee drinker but my partner got to try Teeling’s take on the Irish coffee and from what I’ve heard, you would be missing out if you pass your turn ! 😉


Again, thanks a million to the wonderful team Teeling for the warm welcome and the tasty drams !