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Memorable Whisky Moments of 2017


As we’re approaching NYE and I’m yet to select my New Year’s dram, I’m finally starting to realise 2017 is almost over, and what a year it’s been drammers! I just wanted to share with you guys (because many of those things happen thanks to you, so a big shout out to you all <3) some of my malted highlights of this past year !

–> Getting to tour the West Coast of Scotland again, and especially visiting Mull for the first time, having the priviledge to visit the Tobermory distillery all alone and eat fresher than fresh seafood on the harbour while sipping a dram of Ledaig :p

–> Filming a TV documentary about my whisky journey and bringing the crew to Scotland so that they get a wee taste of this wonderful country I’d like to refer to as my home away from home. (Nope this hasn’t been released yet!)

–> Going back to Speyside where the community feeling and love of whisky has no common measure with anywhere I’ve been to (Oh well.. Maybe Islay could be a good contestor here!)

–> Stepping foot on the privately-owned Irish island of Lambay for the launch of Lambay Whiskey with Camus and being litteraly blown away by what the Baring Family (owner of the island) are trying to achieve there.

–> Writting for some amazing publications such as Irish Whiskey Magazine or Le Figaro – Also making my first (and probably last^^) cover of a magazine with Dutch-based whisky club De Kiln 😉

–> Joining the judging panel for the World Whiskies Awards 2018 more to come about that !

–> Buying special whisky casks with my Catawiki team to bottle under our own Catawiki brand – more to come soon !

–> Meeting you guys, and many inspiring drammers at shows, tastings or during press trips.

–> But most importantly, my definite highlight of 2017 has to be the opening of our very own Scottish-themed whisky bar & microbrewery in Toulouse (FR), The Hopscotch Pub, along with my partner, this has been a hell of a journey (read about it here!) and I couldn’t be more grateful it’s now up and running, and the response has been amazing so far !