12 Drams of Christmas #2: Chichibu IPA Cask Finish


My Xmas Whisky Wishlist


Introducing the #WhiskyTag


It may be a neurosis of my generation for some, but I’ve been feeding myself with YouTube videos since many years: from whisky tastings to make-up tutorials and travel vlogs. Anyway, there’s this popular concept on YouTube, it’s called a “tag” (and we’re not talking about those keyword labels) and it’s basically a series of questions asked on a specific theme, meant to be shared and answered by others (please make an effort, I feel like I’m trying to explain something to my grandma here ;))., in the end creating some sort of chain (but not like those annoying emails telling you you’re going to get run over by a bus if you don’t share it in the next 12 seconds).

I then thought, hey, there’s no #WhiskyTag yet! Let’s create this tag, so that you get to know me (and especially the malted side of me) a little better. Of course, I would gladly encourage you to share this and answer it on social media, your blog, or even send me a message with your answers if you want to keep this personal ! I believe The #WhiskyTag could also be a fun informational tool for those seeking whisky inspiration!

Let’s get the party started !

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1 –> First ever sipped: Probably a very cheap supermarket blend, has to be a Label 5 or Long John. No need to mention, I didn’t instantly fall in love with whisky.

2 –> First bottle you bought: Auchentoshan Springwood

3 –> Favourite in your collection: it has to be the personalised bottles, I for instance won the Laphroaig #OpinionsWelcome campaign last year and received a special unique bottle of Laphroaig PX with my own words on the label, it definitely has a special place at home!

4 –> A very popular whisky you have never tasted yet: Johnnie Walker Blue Label

5 –> Last one you’ve been offered (samples count): Teeling Brabazon 02 and a beautiful trio of 30-year-old 1980s Bruichladdich

6 –> Last one you offered (samples count): Glentauchers 1990 26yo bottled by Cadenhead’s

7 –> Current number one on your wishlist: The SMWS recently released a lovely Clynelish finished in PX, I need this in my life.

8 –> If you could come back in time, which sleeping distillery would you never close: Rosebank

9 –> First distillery visited: Auchentoshan

10 –> Last Distillery visited: Glen Moray

11 –> Whisky-producing country you wish to visit next: Sweden

12 –> The whisky you bought mainly because of its packaging: Probably all the TBWC and Compass Box expressions – hopefully they happen to be very good whiskies as well 🙂

13 –> The last unexpected surprise: Chivas Mizunara

14 –> Last bottle you bought: TBWC St George Rye 2 years old