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I received quite a few messages lately asking for my special tips on how to share a passion for whisky so here are the main (and slightly obvious…) solutions I have for you:

> Start blogging! I’ve never been able to share as much as I have been sharing those past few years since I started blogging  – I know some think we are already drowning under a sea of whisky blogs but who cares? If you think you could add something new to the whisky blogosphere or even if only your friends and family will read it, jump in! I did write a small guide last year with my “top tips” on how to start a whisky blog, probably best to read it first as you don’t want to start blogging for the wrong reasons (= free whisky).

Btw, if you’re not comfortable with the “writing” thing, you can also consider podcasts or YouTube.

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> Be active on social media! It says “social” yeah? It may seems surprising for some, but social media aren’t only a way to animously throw insults at other people behind a computer, it’s also a very powerful tool that could enable you to meet like-minded people, join groups and share your passion with other maltyheads – and you know sharing is caring!

Twitter is your voice, Facebook is your heart and Instagram is your eyes = use them all if you want to enhance the experience! Also, don’t forget to follow your favourite brands, distilleries and ambassadors so that you know if they organise an event near you!

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> Join a whisky club! I guess it would be the most obvious way to meet other whisky enthusiasts and share your passion, but it may sometimes not be easy for different reasons – There’s no whisky club in your small town? there’s a whisky club but… It’s not necessarily the type of people you want to gather with #personalexperience  ? Create your own, doesn’t have to be big at the begenning, just a few of you meeting around a selection of drams every now and then is sometimes way better than a bi-weekly way-too-organised tasting with a bossy host playing schoolteacher.

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> Go out! Events, tastings, festivals, your local whisky bar… There are many occasions to meet fellow malt maniacs and talk cask science and phenols without getting your audience bored!




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