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Those whisky clichés I don’t want to hear anymore


I’ve been writing on this blog since a few years now, trying to share my views and bring a lighter, more approachable tone about whisky (English isn’t even my mother tongue, so it’s not like I could pretend to write like Dave Broom or Charles McLean… Oh, and I’m fine it.) but when I started this blog, I didn’t imagine for a second it would take so much efforts to fight those dusty clichés… Wake up, we’re in 2017.

You’d imagine I won’t have to deal with the “do you actually drink whisky?” after writing more than 350 articles on the subject… But yet I do. And here’s a list of whisky-related clichés I don’t want to hear anymore, once and for all, please pretty please:

Whisky is for men/older people/wealthy people/rebels“: why do you absolutely need to put things into cases like that? Whisky’s for the 30-year-old girl next door as well as your older brother or this friendly Sainsbury’s cashier.

You like your whisky? Wow man you’re badass!“: Not necessarily… You know what, I’m afraid of dragonflies (while I find their English name pretty cool…) and I can listen to Ed Sheeran’s new album for hours without even getting bored so hey… Not really evil (and my gothic teenage years don’t count!).

“Hey you’re into whisky, can you choose the wine?” when at the restaurant…  Feels a bit like asking a cigar enthusiast to choose your weed in Amsterdam. Well guess what, I may be French, I don’t know shit about wine. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to, but whisky really keeps me busy 😉

You’re working in whisky? So you’re basically not working?“: Trust me, educating people like you is a tough job.

When on a night-out “hey so you’re into whisky, what do you think of XXX?“: Nah, seriously, we were having fun, you don’t want to me to start this conversation. Let’s discuss Netflix new series instead.

Still at this party “you’re not drinking whisky?!!!!” oO”: thank god I can also enjoy other beverages sometimes.

So you can hold your drink!” : I’m actually almost wasted after 3 Champagne glasses or 2 pints of beer so I guess not really… Oh, and appreciating whisky doesn’t necessarily mean getting shit-faced with whisky.