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You’ve probably noticed I spent the weekend in sunny Porto with my non-whisky-loving sibling but hey… I had no other choice than embarking her on my quest for the city’s best bars to enjoy a dram or two. Hopefully, I had the chance to receive some recommendations from Portuguese Spirits Importer Pure Liquid & a few of you guys (thanks for your messages!).  Here are therefore 2 places to quench your whisky (& other spirits) thirst while in picturesque Porto!

The Royal Cocktail Club105, Rua Da Fabrica 

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Porto’s newest and definitely hippest mixology hotspot (come on, nothing screams “hipster” more than copper pineapples right?) and probably one of the best in town (it’s not like I have checked any other by the way but still… ;)).

Do not expect a 1654989-whisky list but a well-curated menu with classic cocktails & creations with a twist. I spotted some Teeling Whiskey & Nikka Coffey Grain behind the bar amongst other yummy beverages. For those who may want to enjoy a neat dram, feel free to ask the talented bartenders, they’ll be more than happy to help!

Friendly Advice: If you fancy a bite to eat before going through the cocktail list of this classy drinking place, I would highly recommend checking the Italian restaurant A Dispensa nearby (litterally one minute away…)

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Terrace Café & Bar – Rua da Trindade 1

Just behind the city hall, in the corner with Rua Fernandes Tomas. There aren’t many places for whisky lovers in Porto (I mean, while in Porto, most tourists would go for Port wine anyway… Which kinda makes sense…) so while again, the selection here in nothing compared to your usual whisky bar, it’s one of the only places in the city where you’ll find some Islay malts and Japanese whiskies. So if you miss your peat, go pay the guys a visit!

Did you know that Monkey Shoulder only arrived in Portugal very recently? Yeah… So you can probably imagine the whisky culture is still quite underground around here and there’s a lot to do for brands when it comes to educating consumers!


Pic Credits: nit.pt