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Top Whisky Tips To Score on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you still don’t know how to make good use of your whisky knowledge to turn an inevitably-cheesy date night into a kick-ass wild romantic experience that would straight put you at the top of his/her “best dates of all times” list? Let me try to give you some potentially helpful tips!

–> Choose the right place: avoid the latest trendy cocktail or whisky bar, you don’t want a whole crowd of drunken hipsters showing off while you’re making efforts to appear interesting to your VD date, it would ruin everything (let’s face it, you can’t compete with those cool kids and that’s ok, just try not throwing up roadblocks in your quest!).

Before the D-Day, try asking his/her friends or people that may know her/him for the kind of places she/he likes hanging out. I mean, if you took me to a Jazz place thinking it’s romantic I would have the most boring time ever ;). Don’t mess up!

There are plenty of possibilities to consider: a restaurant, a cosy confidential bar, this Prohibition spot where you know there are some private corners where you’ll be alone, a small concert (but makes sure the music is to his/her liking)…

Finally, why not organising something “just the two of you” at your place ? (beware though, if you don’t know your date very well, there are huge chances inviting him/her over straight away could put him/her off a little bit unless your date is a Tinder match)

–> Give her/him the choice and Do not act like a know-it-all: let her/him make her opinion and provide advices if asked for, there’s nothing more annoying than someone patronizing you, especially when it comes to choosing your drink. However, always remain available for advices/guidances. Maybe it’s the perfect time to know more about your date and ask for her/his taste, preferences… Then you’d be able to suggest a pick according to her/his liking and not yours?

–> Impress her/him: C’mon, you’ve not gone this far to go back home alone 😉 Offer your VD date a last drink from your private collection and don’t miss your chance by cracking open this Black Bottle… It’s time you open this special bottle you’ve been saving for a great occasion and make her/him feel important to you.

We all know you’d rather finish this open Laphroaig 10 sitting on your shelf for almost a year half-full (and you know you can’t keep those open bottles intact forever…) but hey, scoring sometimes deserves sacrifice! 😉

I would even suggest to go for some nice cask-strength expression here to warm-up the senses!

–> Don’t get carried away, DO NOT DRINK TOO MUCH FOR F**K SAKE! You’ve not gotten to this “last drink” step just for the sake of it. Your “party beast” reputation nor your bottoms-up Queen/King crown is at stake here, you can save the rest of the bottle for a later date!