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My January Whisky Wishlist


Happy New Year little drammers! I’m more than happy to kick off a brand new year of malted adventures with you around here. 2016 set the bar to a very high level (at a very personal level of course), let’s hope that 2017 will bring even more successful tastings, events, travels, encounters & amusements!  First things first, let’s stick to traditions and start January with my monthly whisky selection!

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Glengoyne – Teapot Dram

Glengoyne’s Teapot Dram was created in tribute to an old tradition at the Highland-based distillery. The workers would receive three drams of whisky throughout a work day, served from an old copper teapot (hence the name). The whisky they would receive wouldn’t be taken from an old cask, which is why this is “deliberately young, bold whisky”.

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Glenmorangie Grand Vintage 1990

It’s the first release from Glenmorangie’s Bond House No.1 Collection – a 1990 vintage single malt aged in ex-bourbon casks and a small portion of ex-Sherry casks. Oh, and it’s also my birthyear \o/

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Kincardine – Adelphi


The Kincardine 7 Year Old was created by blending whisky from Scotland and from India – which is very exciting indeed! Produced by the same chaps behind The Glover, this expression has been inspired by Victor Bruce, 13th Earl of Kincardine and 9th Earl of Elgin, who was Viceroy and Governor General of India between 1894 and 1899.

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The Norfolk Farmers – Single Grain

The Norfolk Farmers Single Grain

The first single grain to be released by The English Whisky Co, this is a blend of eight types of grain. A rich and dry whisky with notes of spice, butter popcorn, plum and dark cherry.

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Benromach 1973

Benromach 1973Very well aged single malt from the benromach distillery, distilled in 1973 and matured in a single refill American hogshead until 2016, when it was bottled at 48.9% ABV. An incredibly small release from the Speyside-based distillery, with only 52 bottles produced.

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