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It’s quite unusual for me to publish 3 reviews in the same week but hey, the only rule around here is that there’s no rules right? 😀 So let’s have a closer look at the latest release from independent bottler Edinburgh Whisky!

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Edinburgh Whisky Ltd. is a privately-owned independent company, based in Scotland’s capital city, carrying on the age-old tradition of Edinburgh merchants who cannily sourced, blended, bottled then traded supreme Scotch whiskies all over the world. The company carefully creates whiskies that have real character and complexity, to be enjoyed in myriad ways in a modern world. Created locally, enjoyed globally.

We pride ourselves on carrying on the age old traditions of Edinburgh merchants in the 19th century who cannily sourced, blended, and bottled Scotch whisky, and then sold it to the rest of the world,”

Victorian-era Edinburgh inspired the company’s packaging. Milanese illustrator Luisa Milani designed the New Town Blends artwork, and The Library Collection’s outer sleeve features Edinburgh-based photographer Lawrence Winram. (more on The Spirits Business)

The expression I’ll be looking at today is the fourth in Edinburgh Whisky Limited’s expanding range. A striking 18 year old Auchtentoshan, their first Single Cask from the Lowlands of Scotland. Just 227 bottles from an ex bourbon hogshead. (bottled at 46% ABV and priced at £84.95)



Nose: Gourmet, Sweet, Juicy and floral with greengage plums,  fresh apricot & nectarine, vanilla & buttered scones. There’s also a certain freshness, almost “cleanliness”, to me in this nose, something like jasmin soap or freshly-dried clothes you just bring back home after a whole afternoon in the garden. Well, at least I would be actually more excited to do my laundry if it smelled that way x)

Palate: Zesty, peppery and rather easy to drink still showing an interesting complexity with again those floral hints and the freshness of eucalyptus. Some citrusy notes, toffee bonbons, tropical fruits, wood spices and popping candy all make it a vibrant, lively & heartwarming dram that would do just great on a sunny Spring day! When I look back at my whisky discovery journey, this is exactly the kind of dram that made me grow an interest for the amber nectar. And as a matter of fact, the “wow” effect I experienced on my first proper whisky tasting session was thanks to a glass of Auchentoshan… #TrueStory

Finish: Elegant with more floral hints, almost perfume-y.




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