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Distillery views: Blair Athol & Dalwhinnie


You know those times when you have some leftover pictures on your SD card after a trip… Not necessarily enough or relevant (or not necessarily of the best quality either) to make a full article out of those so they most of the time just end up filling your computer in a random file you barely ever look at. I thought for once I’ll share some of those photos with you, because after all, it’s still whisky, so it’s always worth sharing (and also because I’m in a “I miss Scotland so much” kind of mood today…)

Anyway, here are some views of Dalwhinnie & Blair Athol taken on my way back from Speyside last month 🙂

img_5669 img_5670 img_5672 img_5673 img_5674 img_5676 img_5679 img_5681 img_5685 img_5686 img_5687 img_5689 img_5690 img_5693 img_5694  img_5696