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Interview: This Scottish couple opening a Craft Rum Distillery


5 reasons why you should attend Spirit of Speyside Distilled


Hey little drammers! Next weekend, Elgin Town Hall will be hosting Spirit of Speyside Distilled, a brand new drinks festival hosted by the usual suspects organising the world-famous Spirit of Speyside. So yes, it promises to be good – very VERY good!

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And if the great list of exhibitors and masterclasses weren’t enough to make you feel like booking your train tickets (you probably don’t want to drive… just a friendly advice!) to Elgin, here are 5 reasons that should make you run to the nearest station:

Don’t fool yourself, you definitely need to attend this year’ edition of Spirit of Speyside Distilled…


because it’s the first ever edition! Show them some love 🙂 – and if you’d like a second edition to happen, you better show up (Britney would have added a sneaky little b*tch!” at the end of this sentence – but I’m not Britney, thanks god)!


because it’s not only gonna be about whisky like the May festival – craft beer, gin, food and other Speyside delicacies (someone said whisky ice creams…. #JustSaying) will also be here to please your taste buds.


because Speyside is a wonderful region and tend to be forgotten way too often within tourist itineraries. Past the distilleries, there are also so many things to see & do in the region.


because People Make Speyside (I know Glasgow, that’s your motto but hey, don’t be so selfish and share with your cousins).


because it’s not like you’ve got a better thing to do. Don’t look at me with those eyes, Netflix can wait, Whisky cannot.