August 2016

In Pictures: inside Brewdog HQ and the new Lone Wolf Distillery


Hey little sippers! Did you know that the world-famous provocative beer chaps of Brewdog are in the process of releasing some spirits of their own? And those highly-anticipated spirits will be produced in their newly-built Lone Wolf Distillery, located in their Ellon HQ. Yes… They basically removed a part of the roof from the stocking area of their brewery N°1 to set up some pretty …

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Weekly Review: Wolfburn Single Malt


Following my recent interview with Wolfburn’s Master Distiller – I promised I would publish a review of their first single malt around here. And there it is! See how I can be trustworthy sometimes… Becoming Scotland’s northernmost mainland whisky producing distillery when it released its first single malt in March 2016, Wolfburn is built just 350m away from the ruins of the 19th century distillery …

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An inside look into The Glengoyne Distillery


Willing to escape Glasgow and its buzzing city life for the afternoon, we couldn’t go far more than a few miles away…  Choices that day comprised a country escape to Balloch for a picturesque pokemon-catching walk or… A malted getaway to one of Glasgow’s closest distilleries: Glengoyne (still legally classified as an Highland distillery). No need to mention what we finally went for. Glengoyne offers …

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Sharing a few drams at Douglas Laing HQ


I recently paid a wee visit to the team at Douglas Laing HQ and had the pleasure/privilege to dive into some of their finest expressions while listening to the stories of their passionate ambassador Jan Beckers (pssst! Follow him here & here for all things Douglas Laing!) – comfortably seated in their beautifully-decorated Sample Room (which kind of reminded me of Cragganmore’s Club Room & …

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In Pictures: Visiting the Drygate Brewery – Glasgow


Sorry guys, it can’t always be about whisky around here… [if in the next couple of hours I notice a significant drop in my Twitter followers – I’ll blame myself ;)] – but as you know, the beer making process is somehow very close to the first steps of whisky production – only adding hops to the magical 3-ingredients cocktail of whisky: water-cereal-yeast aka the …

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Malted Shopping Guide #2: The Good Spirits Co. Glasgow


The Good Spirits Co. was formed in 2010 by three ex-Oddbins employees in order to stock the wide range of wonderful drinks from around the globe that wasn’t available in the city of Glasgow. We’re talking about a specialist spirits store here, stocking a wide range of spirits, and not a “Scotch whisky only” retailer (which is definitely worth mentioning if you’re willing to widen your …

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Bristol Food&Drink Tour: InstaSummary


I got to spend the last couple of a days diving into Bristol’s Food & Drink scene – discovering delicious restaurants, tasty local beers, secret cocktail places, refreshing ciders and of course… A few whisky hotspots and even a distillery! Before I go into more details (stay tuned little drammers… Bristol Drinking City Guide coming soon!) – here’s a small InstaSummary of my visit to …

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Whisky Collecting: simple hobby or financial investment?


Cover Pic from  . I always see bidders going crazy over some specific bottlings on whisky auction website Catawiki for which I am currently working as an auctioneer – and getting to witness all those liquid gems changing hands each week made me wonder about their future… Are they going to get opened for a special occasion or completely randomly on a week night while …

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