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In Pictures: Visiting the Drygate Brewery – Glasgow


Sorry guys, it can’t always be about whisky around here… [if in the next couple of hours I notice a significant drop in my Twitter followers – I’ll blame myself ;)] – but as you know, the beer making process is somehow very close to the first steps of whisky production – only adding hops to the magical 3-ingredients cocktail of whisky: water-cereal-yeast aka the Holy Triangle.

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And as the craft beer industry was also the ingredient that kind of kick started the all craft spirit trend (first in the USA) – I thought it was more than legit to offer you this inside look into one of the UK’s (if not the most…) experimental breweries, Drygate Brewery in Glasgow.

Glasgow’s east end is fast becoming a craft beer lover’s dream, in no small part thanks to the addition of Drygate Brewing Co. to the area in 2014. This all-in-one brewery, bar and kitchen is super cool, from the chunky metal lettering announcing ‘DRYGATE’ outside, to the graphic print artwork adorning the walls, glasses and beer bottles. (read more)

Your job now? Spot the whisky barrel in the below pictures!

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