August 2015

7 Questions For Tobias Gorn


For this second episode of my recently-launched “7 questions for…” series (remember, we were talking whisky & chocolate last week!), I wanted to introduce you to a very special company, working in my first area of expertise (kidding, completing a degree doesn’t make me an expert at all, but hey, please let me think diplomas matter… At least just a little bit ? No ? …

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Your First-ever Whisky & Cat Pairing Session


I just spent a few days without my beloved fluffy cat that I’m already developing the symtoms of a severe lack-of-cuddling-and-petting-sessions condition (go straight to your therapist if you start experiencing some serious blackouts – it’s probably due to drug withdrawal, and cats definitely are one of the hardest). Trying to heal my emotional wounds, I thought I could pay some sort of tribute to …

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My August Whisky Wishlist


Oh boy, time is flying! Poor-quality-beer-fuelled celebrations are in full swing in the whole southwestern area of France since a few weeks, and I didn’t even find enough time to put my white pants on and hit the smelly streets of any Basque country small-size town. Or maybe I’m just getting old and too snob to dance to mainstream electro beats anymore while trying not …

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