March 2015

My March whisky wishlist


Hey whisky buddies, it’s already time for this month’ whisky wishlist ! You may now know that my student monthly income doesn’t allow me to purchase all the liquid wonders I’d like, but as I still think that one of my relatives will one day end up on this blog and come accross those lists I lovingly put together thinking “well, this will make a …

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Where to enjoy a good dram in Birmingham (UK) ?


I usually tend to introduce you to a selection of at least 2 whisky spots in this – now recurrent – column of “Where to enjoy a good dram in…”, but as I only spent 2 days in Birmingham (including one day away in the Cotswolds), I didn’t visit much whisky hotspots in the second largest English city. However, I did push the doors of …

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A visit to the Cotswolds Distillery


As some of you may (or may not) have noticed reading my Twitter updates lately, I spent a few days in England over the weekend and had the chance to take a wee trip to a wonderful area known as the Cotswolds. Of course, the main goal of this journey was to visit the newly-opened Cotswolds Distillery, nestled amongst scenic English countryside and picturesque golden-stone …

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