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Whisky, if you were a woman


2015 Best Whisky Blogger of The Year : votes are open !


I’m more than pleased (but also quite surprised !) to announce that The Whisky Lady has been shortlisted amongst the 25 Best Whisky Bloggers by the board from the International Whisky Competition !

Whether you’re a regular reader or a newcomer here, you can prove that women also have their word to say when it comes to whisky by voting for me !

It’s pretty simple and won’t require much of your time : you just need to send an email to [email protected] featuring “The Whisky Lady” in the body of your message (To make it even easier, your vote will be pre-filled if you click on the links)


You have until the 20th of April to vote and tell your friends to do so !

Why vote? Five lucky voters will receive a copy of the new 2016 International Whisky Guide, featuring the whiskies tasted during this year’s International Whisky Competition. 

Spread the whisky love !