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Black Mountain, a French social blend


Where to enjoy a good dram in Prague ?

What’s better to fight the winter cold than indulging in a warm whisky tasting after a long day walking down the paved streets of Prague ? Following my previous article introducing you to Czech whisky, I couldn’t miss the chance to highly recommend 2 perfect whisky spots to stop by for an evening tipple.
1. La Whiskeria 
Only a few hundreds meters from the main railway station and the heart of the old town, La Whiskeria features an incredibly large selection of whiskies, from mainstream bourbons to local drams (Gold Cock and Hammer Head for instance both appear on the list). Food also available.
Not a whisky connoisseur ? Don’t be afraid, the dedicated and knowledgeable staff (wearing Scottish kilts – sexy alert…) will be more than happy to guide you through the wonderful world of whisky and help you chose the perfect dram to suit your palate.
Classy and laid back atmosphere, moderate priced whiskies as well as more exclusive (and therefore more expensive) drams make this place a real whisky hotspot in Prague !
2.  Bar and Books
Hidden gem, exclusive atmosphere and a pretty wide range of whiskies and cigars. From entry by ringing the door bell, to the low level lighting and candles, to the selection of cocktails, whiskies and spirits to the table service, this place is definitely for those looking for a top-class and intimate experience. 
Even if located a bit off the main streets of the Czech capitale city and despite the slightly expensive prices (compared to Prague standards) you’ll really liked the classy decoration and details, as well as the overall quality of the products.