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Whiskey flasks made from video game cartridges

Last time, while I was once again wandering through the great world wide web, I mysteriously found myself on Ink Whiskey’s website. I must admit I’m not a keen gamer – at all – (barely played Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the dragon on Playstation 1 when I was a teen – and I su**ed at it…) but as my boyfriend can spend hours shooting people on a screen, I can’t help myself from thinking “omg, that would make such a cool gift !”. 
Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, I thought it was more than legit to share this awesome gift idea with you guys. So if your loved one is the retro gamer kind of guy, or just likes collecting weird original stuff, this is what you’ve been looking for !
“We wanted to make this flask a concealable flask instead of a flask that was just shaped differently. That’s what was really important to us; we wanted our product to look and feel exactly like the game cartridges we grew up with, and then BAM SUPRISE! it holds your favorite real-life health potion. Amiright? Amiright?” Says Matt Cornell, Ink Whiskey founder (full article here!)

Matt Connell and Johnny D. actually raised funds for this crazy project thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign which enabled them to gather more than 300% of the amount they wanted to raise at the beginning !
Any original whisky-related gift ideas for Valentine’s Day ? Share your treasures !